A potion!

A world item is an item that is placed into a world. These items consist of different tyoes. These items are split up into four different catagories. These catagories consist of general items, health items, sword items, shield items, and magic items.


Swords are the only melee weapons in the game (axes are considered to be under the sword class), swords are used as apposed to fists, which are slow and do little damage. Swords can be acquired from the first chest in the game (a wooden sword is given), can be acquired for a price at shops, or the player can aquire rather excellent ones for free upon completion of a main quest.


Shields are defensive items that add extra endurance to the player. They are the only form of armor in the game (as armor would interfere with some Avatar styles such as elaborate costumes) and there is no way to block with it, it only reduces the amount of damage the player receives as apposed to no shield. Shield are acquired in the exact same way as swords, from the first chest in the game (which bears a wooden shield), from shops, and high quality ones are given for free by mayors upon quest completion.


Magic in Avatar Legends is used to stun and damage enemies, Their Damage can be altered in custom Adventure maps.