The Settlement is a town in World Area 3 in the Preset Adventure. The whole town starts off as merely an empty lot with trees and uncrossable rivers (no bridges). The only thing there is the Settlement Builder, who asks you to pay for the buildings, thus having you own the whole town. In a custom building fashion, the player is capable of buying buildings for the town such as houses, shops, and a second house for the player. The shops in The Settlement have some of the best items only found here, such as Eel's Touch shock magic and the Flame Sword. Also, in the island where the lighthouse is put, is a chest that has the strongest shock magic in the game. Even more, the chest in the immediate vicinity of the windmill is a chest, containing the Third Key of Doom Volcano Fort. The Church Priest of The Settlement also teaches you the Strongest Ice Magic in the game, Absoloute Zero. After building all the buildings available, the Settlement Builder retires and you are made, at last, the official Mayor of The Settlement.