Avatar-legends monster fight

Just some of the monsters available.

I'm here to talk about possibly the coolest and most unique feature on Avatar Legends, enemy designing! First, decide what Enemy Template to use:

That's a pretty awesome list anyway, but that's just the basic shape! Apart from the Skeletons, Cyclops and Medieval Knights, which can't look any more epic, all the monsters have at least 4 skins to choose from, in fact, TROLLS HAVE 20 SKINS! Then, if that's not enough, choose their stats! It even says the recommended level for fighting them! Want a weak, sandy-looking Troll? Done. A battle-hardened Orc mercenary? Done.

AND THEN, as if all of that wasn't enough, choose when and where they appear. Never heard of a green Yeti that beams down from space, yet dies in a single punch? Well you can make one! Happy monster-slaying everyone! And well done for everyone who had some part in making the game.