Main tab of the Adventure designer

The Level Designer lets players create both singleplayer and multiplayer maps, and each kind of mapmode has its own unique features. Single player adventures feature NPCs, Stories, Quests, Enemies, Multiple Maps, Elevation, Flora, Water, etc. The multiplayer map editor lets the user build a standalone map, where they can place a player spawn and enemy spawns to play in the Play Mode.

Tools Edit

  • Load Map: Loads a map you have created previously in the adventure.
  • Elevations: allows you to raise or lower elevations on the current map, ideal for making mountains or pits.
  • Terrain Layers: gives your map some dynamic in activating certain textures on certain elevations (eg: snow on mountain peaks).
  • Terrain Curves: allows editor to make patches of terrain by placing keys.
  • Water: creates lakes and allows to change the color of already existing water.
  • Tall Grass: creates fields of tall grass using keys.
  • Terrain Paths: allows for construction of roads by lining keys from point to point and also allows to change it's texture.
  • Trees: places and edits trees
  • Structures: places structures ands edits their size as well as type, ranging from props to large scale compounds (eg: Prison).
  • Avatar Characters: creates Avatar NPCs to populate the area and can be random computer generated ones or that of your friends list.
  • Dialogue: gives NPCs dialogue utilizing a complex Dialogue Tree.
  • Combat Zones: places areas where a player can encounter monsters, which must be made before placing the zone.
  • Travel Locations: used for adventure maps, where you use multiple maps. Allows for a player to fast travel between certain points.
  • Event Triggers: places triggers where, once activated, can allow for many events to occur (Dialogue options, Structure activity, etc.)
  • Treasure Chests: places Treasure Chests for the player to find, the contents of which are the editor's discretion.
  • Map Annotations: places markers on the map for the player to see in game
  • Weather: alters the weather of the map (sunny, snowing, and rainy) as well as cloud direction.
  • Screen Shot: takes a screen shot to preview the adventure or multiplayer map.
  • Music: alters the music of the map, this can be changed using in game triggers.