Swords of might falgo ebony isles

The Ebony Isles Off the Coast Of The Bucklands

Game:Swords Of Might

The Ebony Isles are a collection of Islands off the coast of the Bucklands. the status of the Ebony Isles has been up in the air for many years as the cordovian empire has next to no presense in the Ebony Isles.

although they still recognise the Isles as part of the Empire.The native islanders see themselfs as independent,any connection to the bucklands or the empire is seen as a great insult among its people.

The Isles itself consists of five islands,the biggest being Falgo Island(also the only island with a settlement on it)

the other islands are,Morro island,Pirates Cove,Shar'da Temple and Sovenraid

Falgo Island also has a shrine to Avo Morga(entitys) this one being in worship of Yaris The Elemental Entity