Custom adventures are adventures that are created by you and other people who play the game. They are created in the Build Mode and are created by using the level designer tool. They can be played in the Play Mode.

You can obtain any of these adventures by adding the author to your XBL friends list and having them send it to you. Many others in the community may have these adventures as well, but to ensure you get the latest version it is probably best to obtain it directly from the creator of the adventure.

Listed below are some of the completed (Or nearly completed) adventures that have been created by various authors in the Avatar Legends Community:

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (Avatar Edition) - Created by Kalabos

Legend of the Sword 2 - Created by Libratarius

The Divine Source: A Journey Through Time - Created by Darkwyve

DarkLords of Halloween - Created by BTBuster 2010

Swords Of Might - Created by BTBuster2010 (Currently in production)

A World Divided: A Hero's Destiny - Created By Hunter Killer ( Gamertag: Bandit13 ) (Currently in production)

Asten: The Fall of an Empire - Created By Smartyr1 ( Gamertag: smartyr1 ) (Currently in production)

Alavosa - Created By Onewa2 ( Gamertag: NCR Fan ) (Currently in production)

Our Darkest Corners Ep.1 - Created by iDemogoblin (Currently in production)

Return of Harmony - Created by Discord 96 (Currently in production)

Avatar Legends: The Depths of Argoz Created by ALPHAxWOLFx2000 (Curently in production)

Fall of Kaos Created by Xachz1999 [gamer tag: DarkenedGamr] (Demo in the Making)

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